By | May 14, 2018

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – Saturday was the largest single-day food drive in the country, as 50 letter carriers on 50 different routes throughout Albuquerque alone participated in this year’s Stamp Out Hunger event.

But it’s not easy work for the mailmen and women who haul in all those non-perishable items.

“It adds to their work for the day, but Saturdays are one of our lower volume days, so that’s the nice thing for them,” said Barbara Wood with the U.S. Postal Service. “They have time to get the food and it’s their way of giving back to the community.”

In addition to carrying and delivering your mail, they were also collecting and picking up blue bags distributed earlier in the month, now full of food for needy families.

“People use those all over the place, and some people add to it and put boxes and so forth. But most people will put out a couple bags,” Wood said.

The donations will eventually make their way to the Roadrunner Food Bank, where volunteers will spend the next several months sorting them all out. They’ll then be distributed to food banks across the state, getting them through the next month or so.

With New Mexico ranked as one of the hungriest states in the nation, Roadrunner officials say food drives like this help keep their shelves stocked at a time when they constantly need to be replenished.

“Keep in mind, as kids get out for the summer months, we see an increase in hunger. And that’s because low-income families who have been able to qualify for free and reduced lunch and breakfast programs at school, when they’re not at school they don’t have access to those additional meals,” Warwick said.

If you missed your letter carrier, but still want to donate, the United State Postal Service says it will keep those donation bins out at their offices a little longer. You can also make a donation – of food, time or cash – directly to Roadrunner Food Bank.

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